Identifying the Population Served

While there are specific stress management techniques proven to be effective, this does not relieve health psychology professionals from finding the most suitable stress management strategies for their clients and the specific stressors from which they suffer. As mentioned in this week’s Discussion, there are a variety of cultural, biological, and environmental factors impacting how populations respond to stress. As a result, there has been a great deal of research conducted on stress management for specific populations. The outcome is a list of topics included in stress management educational sessions that differ by population. Training may include a variety of strategies such as productive versus nonproductive coping, time management, and goal setting. Since one strategy may not effectively relieve all types of stress response, participants in stress management workshops may be taught an array of different strategies from which to choose. 

For this assignment, research a population for which you would like to create a stress management workshop. Then find four articles in the Walden Library related to stress management techniques appropriate for the types of stress your population faces. 

The Assignment (3–5 page APA-formatted essay)

Your Final Project in this course is to develop a stress management presentation/workshop for a population of your choice including a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, three handouts, an evaluation form, and a supporting evidence-based descriptive narrative. This week’s assignment serves as the foundation for the deliverables of your Final Project. Select and describe a target population. Explain common stressors and related health issues for this population. Select and empirically support three stress management strategies. Explain why these strategies are appropriate for the target population.