i need help with my movie assignment


i will pick one of the movies below and talk about it, i attached the sample of how he wants it.







Choose one of the following movies:


Iris                            Philomena                  Hugo         The Descendants

Up                            12 Years a Slave        Lincoln       The Theory of Everything

Julie and Julia             The Help                    Whale Rider       

Most movies are available at public libraries and movie rental establishments/streaming sites.  Some are available at Bard Library on the BCCC campus.

  Watch the movie.  Apply 6 concepts (ideas) that we discussed in class or were discussed in the assigned textbook reading to explain specific behaviors in the movie.  The concepts must be from at least 4 of the following 6 topics: biological basis of behavior, variations of consciousness, learning, memory, human development and social behavior (excludes personality, psychological disorders and treatment of psychological disorders and any other chapters/topics not discussed this semester).


Use the following format for your assignment:

  At the top of the page indicate the movie that you watched.  Name the topic; then name the specific concept. In paragraph form: 

a.   define the concept;

b.   describe the scene in the movie (the behavior);

c.   explain how the behavior is an example of the concept.

  See example below: