Human Papilloma Virus Prevention and Control

Students will select a disease of their choosing and, based on epidemiological principles, propose a strategy to reduce or eliminate the disease. Students will have had their disease topic approved by the instructor before writing their proposal paper.

The choice of disease may be wide-ranging, from acute (Ebola virus) to chronic (HIV/AIDS) infectious diseases, to non-infectious diseases such as obesity, diabetes, mental illnesses, or even roadway accidents. Further, the choice of strategy may be of varied scope and scale (from a small community to the United States), may include one component (e.g., screening) or multiple components (e.g., screening, vaccinations, and modifying the built environment), and may be of any geographic location.

Specific guidelines are discussed below:

1. This assignment is to write a 1,000-word proposal paper (not including the title page or references page), which includes a minimum of 5 scholarly references, not including the textbook or lectures.