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Module 5: Discussion Forum    3/5/15


Managers who understand how to increase worker motivation can provide an organizational environment in which employees will be productive. Certain motivational techniques work better in particular work settings than others. Describe the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Describe school and work experiences in which you have experienced each type of motivation. Evaluate your performance as it was affected by each type of motivation REAL LIFE APPLICATION: Do you think your performance improved as a result of the type of motivation method used? How would you use what you have learned to improve the performance of someone you work with? Make sure to come back and add to this discussion throughout the course, and make sure to reply to other learners as you see fit.




Week 5 Due 3/8/15



Critical Thinking: Turnover Case Study (90 points) Read and respond to the Reducing Turnover at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Applied Case Study in a 3-4 page essay in accordance with CSU-Global APA guidelines. Be sure to thoroughly respond to the case study questions and support your interpretation with evidence from the book and library sources. See the rubric in Course Information for grading details.