Health Statistical Collection Software

Discussion 1 –

Imagine you are appointed as the site coordinator for a community. You have many tasks that lie ahead of you, first and foremost is automating the community health information systems (CHIS) in order to improve efficiency and ease of access. In order to complete this as well as your other suggestions, you have been given volunteers to assist in your efforts. These volunteers, unfortunately, aren’t as savvy as you would hope when it comes to computerized order entry, which is what is needed for this task. You are told that you can either choose to customize an off-the-shelf application with the help of your volunteers which will fit your needs, or you can develop your own CHIS.

Given that you have a limited budget and a time constraint, which option will you choose to pursue and why?

Discussion 2 –

Implementation of a HMIS is a complicated and intricate process that involves much planning and forethought. Last week we discussed the idea of generating questions to ask specific users about what they are looking for when it comes to the new system.

Why is it important to have end-user involvement in the implementation of the combined HMIS? Besides involving them in the pre-planning process when you asked the semi-structured questions, why is it important to continue their involvement as the process continues? How do you keep them engaged and willing to assist in the implementation?