Health IT Standards in the Health Care Industry Discussion

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Discussion: The response to the facilitator’s original post should be a minimum of 250 words and must be supported by at least four scholarly sources from google scholar. References should include a scholarly source outside your textbook. References and citations are required for your initial and response posts.

1 What is the main reason for standards in the Health Care Industry? What is the greatest value of a network in the health care environment?


For this assignment, write a narrative essay (minimum 1500 words) in which you address and discuss the questions and statements listed below. Use at least four scholarly sources and remember to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections in your essay. Cite your sources in APA format.

Assume the position of a health information technologist. Identify and discuss two ways for sending information securely over the Internet. Compare and contrast the two methods. Be sure to use at least four APA formatted references