Health Education in The Community

Based on our previous work:

  1. Briefly describe a topic and the target audience that you are thinking about or planning to use for your Health Promotion Project or use your self as an example. (It does not have to be your final topic or audience selection, and if you are struggling to think of a possible topic, you can describe one of the Discussion 2 scenarios for this assignment. (2 points)
  2. However, it is strongly suggested that you use what you plan to use in your Health Promotion Project Plan (HPPP) so that you can be provided with feedback on it before being graded for that assignment. (2 points)
  3. Using 3 different learning domains discussed in Bastable, pg. 386-399, write a minimum of 2 course/project/presentation Learning Objectives for each domain. Be sure to use the correct 4 part method discussed in Bastable, pg.383-387, including the tables on pg. 384. Remember that goals are broad and long term. Your objectives should be directly related to your course/project/presentation and be measurable. (Ex: How many items do you want the attendee or participant to identify, or what are the specific steps you would like them to demonstrate?). Select your objective verbs carefully so that you will be able to evaluate the objectives easily in your project setting. Please see the HPPP assignment for some additional instruction and suggestions for how to write objectives. (4 points)
  4. Identify the different Learning Domain for each objective. (2 points)
  5. Provide a detailed example of a teaching method for each Learning Domain (2 points)
  6. Use two scholarly references to cite your work – a nursing scholarly article and/or reputable internet site and/or textbook. (3 points)