Health Care Employer Risk Management

Health Care Employer Risk Management

Topic 2 DQ 2
Hello Everyone. Injuries in the healthcare organizations are serious incidents that are often underreporting. “Occupational Safety and Health Administration logs accounted for only one-third of the workers’ compensation records; 45 percent of injured workers followed by survey had workers’ compensation claims. Workers reported 63 percent of serious occupational injuries ”(Galizzi, 2009). Administrator and non-management staff have to know the right steps on how to report to the worker` compensation.

Non-management staff (employees)

Have a responsibility to make a claim of the injury as soon as injury occurs. Typically, injured workers should report an occupational injury to the employer as soon as it happens. The report usually requires the following information: date of injury, the place where it occurred, a description of the injury or illness, the date the employer became aware of the injury or illness, the date that the employee received the form, the date the employee returned the form to the employer, and any other required information. Employers typically request that employees report occupational injuries/illnesses immediately but no later than 24 to 48 hours after the incident.
Administrator responsibility is:

Organizations should educate employees and supervisors on workers’ compensation coverage and injury/illness reporting requirements.
Check with their workers’ compensation carrier for the available methods to submit the report.
Informs the employee that the claim has been submitted and when to expect contact from the workers’ compensation carrier regarding wage replacement and medical treatment.
Establishing a timeline for the employee’s return.
Returning an employee back to work should be one of the main focuses for the administrator , even if it is in a light duty capacity.

The main recommendations that Administration have to educate employees in what cases and how to file the workers compensation claim. Most underreported injuries occur because of lack of education. Everyone has to know their rights and responsibilities.

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