Health Assessment

Health Assessment

Answer the following question in 250-350 words. thank you.


Quite often a new client is asked to fill out what seems like cursory “intake forms” such as a Health Assessment. We have an initial consultation where we review their history, goals and challenges. Then, some version of a fitness assessment is done. All of this information is used to create exercise programming that is designed to safely get these clients moving toward their goals.

Keeping these items in mind-

All of the collected information is not always used appropriately.
Many clients (even young athletes) have CVD or other chronic disease risk factors.
Some have diagnosed CVD or other chronic disease such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity and more…
Many have “old” sports injuries that were never properly rehabilitated, or other orthopedic concerns/challenges/weaknesses
-Now think back to last week’s discussion, and please discuss why it seems that most of the exercise programming for new clients involves one of these Hot Fitness Trends, and several reasons for the lack of program adherence.

Then, suggest a better approach that could improve the likelihood of adherence, the attainment of clients’ goals, and achievement better long-term health.