Health And Drug

For this discussion, you will address the pros and cons of recommending moderate alcohol consumption in patients in alignment with the algorithm provided on page 78 in the article Drink to Your Health?

Now complete the following steps:

In your initial post, discuss your perspective on the recommendation that some patients consume moderate amounts of alcohol. What are the risks of such an approach? Do they outweigh the benefits?

Your post should be a minimum of 250 words (excluding references, should you choose to use any).

If you use any supplemental sources for the post (you are not required to), make sure you indicate the information in your post that came from an outside source by using in-text citations. Also, provide a reference for the source at the bottom of your post. Do not quote any material from any sources for this assignment; everything should be in your own words. If needed, refer back to the References and Citing module for additional information about APA guidelines for this course.

Make sure you pay attention to the rubric and meet all of the requirements to get full credit for the assignment.