HCM 481 CSU Management Trainee and Team Leadership Interview Presentation

HCM 481 CSU Management Trainee and Team Leadership Interview Presentation

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One of the top global healthcare management firms has approached CSU-Global to hire from their students pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Administration. You have been selected as one of nine candidates for an interview. The potential job offer is a management trainee role, after which the individual will be placed to lead a team. The interview process is unique in that the interviewee will be required to show why they are the perfect fit for the job, not only in written or word form, but also in providing examples of how they fit the criteria; e.g., by a situation they may have encountered and solved in the classroom, workplace, or personal life.

On the job advertisement, your professor highlights the following attributes the organization is looking for:

  • Seeking an individual who works with the end goal in mind.
  • Seeking a goal-oriented individual.
  • Seeking a team-player who can delegate responsibility accordingly.
  • Seeking an individual with ability to direct and execute necessary strategic change.


Students should provide a cogent 4-5 slide PowerPoint presentation of the attributes they possess that will persuade the global hiring firm to hire them. Key concepts to include:

  1. Goal setting, beginning with the end goal in mind: Can the student demonstrate they understand and can execute or direct a given mission or vision?
  2. Leadership skills: Can student delegate to get the work done?
  3. Self-marketing: Ability of an individual to effectively market themselves.
  4. Effective communication: Students should be in a position to communicate presence or lack of attributes indicated and indicate desire for the position.

Your assignment must conform to the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.). Include at least three scholarly references in addition to the course textbook. The CSU Global Library is a good place to find these references.

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For the PowerPoint: Professionalism of presentation etc. will be observed