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Write an introduction (discussing the global, national, state and local implications of the policy change and explaining how and why you selected to focus on this particular policy change. At the end of this section you should set fourth the policy change in brief.

-The paper shall include proper APA Style in text citations in every paragraph and on every issue as well as in every sentence with a number, year, statistic, percentage or the like. APA Style references are also required.

The policy change is as follows:

The Affordable Care Act

Law Verification Number: Public Law 111–148

The Affordable Care Act requires everyone to be insured or they will pay a penalty. It also allows companies with under 50 employees to not have to give health insurance to their employees (Gruber, 2010). I would like to alter this law by requiring any company with over 10 employees to be required to offer health insurance to their employees as well as make it simple for people who are not insured to get some form of medical insurance. This can be as simple as taking a percentage of the monthly payments of the insurance and have it be subsisted by the government.

**I added what I would like to change modify and change about this law. What I need is an introduction to this as stated above including what i have added above

MUST BE MINIMUM 2 pages in length double spaced.