fundamental Patterns of Interpersonal Behavior Worksheet

fundamental Patterns of Interpersonal Behavior Worksheet

The 20 verbs below explain how people often feel and behave. Think of your actions during your office contact. Circle the five verbs which best explain how you communicate from your point of view with others.

Acquiesce Disapprove
Advise Evade
Agree Initiate
Analyze Judge
Assist Lead
Concede Oblige
Concur Reliniquish
Coordinate Resist
Criticize Retreat
Direct Withdraw

The list above lists two fundamental patterns of interpersonal behavior: superiority (control and authority) and sociability (intimacy or friendliness). Most people choose to regulate (high domination) or allowing others to dominate (low dominance). In the same way, most people appear to be warm and intimate (high sociability) or more detached and impersonal (low sociability).

Part Two:

Circle the five verbs that you mentioned while communicating with others in the following diagram. In those two interpersonal dimensions, the tendencies are expressed by rows and columns – horizontal for the domain dimension and vertical for the societal dimension, in which there are three or four verbs surrounding.

High Dominance Low Dominance