For Phyllis Young

DQ question due Saturday 8-19-17 evening. 


You have taken the position of a consultant to interrogators. You begin by reviewing and observing the process by which potential suspects are identified by eyewitnesses. Routinely, a suspect is brought into a lineup room with five other individuals who are of the same ethnicity as the suspect. Not all are the same height and weight. Not all have the same hair color or facial hair. The police officers who have been conducting the investigation also handle lineups.

You are asked to evaluate this procedure and make recommendations for improvement.


In a minimum of 300 words, respond to the following:

Suggest improvements in the existing procedure.

Provide a rationale for the improvements suggested.


Review the web-based writings of Wells to assist you in your work.


For both I’ll 50.00 all together for DQ and week 2 assignment 10.00 for DQ and 40.00 for assignment.