Family Practicum

Assignment #1- Research Specialty Care Paper-Rubrics

Excellent (100%)




Improvement (50%)

Unsatisfactory (25%)


Introduction (20%)

(1) Clearly identifies the topic, (2) Establishes goals and objectives of presentation (3) Introduce clearly the topic

Meets any two, one, none of the three criteria

Population at Risks Factors


The population;

is clearly stated including possible risks factors and medical history

risks factor are missing only few elements of the evaluation

is not addressed. The risks factors are not clearly stated. Topics are not discussed as outlined in the assignment.

Lack of adequate information


Content EBP


Excellent EBP provided. Followed the CDC recommendations and


Adequate evidence provided in the presentation

Unclear EPB and no current evidenced included

Lack of adequate EPB information.

Evidence is not current at all

Education (10%)

Excellent education provided including strategic tools methods by following the EBP


Appropriate and reasonably focused education tools

Education is lacking of important key factors and it lacks of strategy Educational interventions

Inappropriate Education and no recommendation made

Body and



Excellent body content and well-chosen topic. Easy to read with the essential information throughout without mistakes Adequate length 5 to 8 pages length

Adequate paper, few mistakes between ideas Paper is missing 1-2 pages

Poor information and not relevant EBP information with missing more than 3 pages

Inadequate Paper.

Not enough EBP provided. Less than the required

Minimum work presented

Conclusion (10%)

Excellent Conclusion clearly supported by the information presented at the end of the paper

Conclusion is adequate. Some

mistakes noted

Conclusion lacks of adequate information and final thoughts

Conclusion is incomplete or not provided


including grammar

and spelling


Excellent spelling and no grammar errors Uses APA guidelines accurately and consistently to cite sources

References within five (5) years

Minimal spelling and grammar errors Uses APA style with minimal errors 1-2 References older than 5 years


knowledge of APA


More than 3 references older than 5 years

Does not use APA style guidelines

References are too old