Executive Coaching in the Psychology field within the workplace

Executive Coaching Research Paper

Executive coaching has become an increasingly popular intervention for organizations. One of the reasons that coaching has grown so rapidly is that organizations have become aware of the problems and costs associated with employing leaders who have poor interpersonal skills or an inability to engage effectively with employees. The difficult question that many organizations face is how to choose the right coach. To further your understanding of Executive Coaching, submit a research paper on the field of executive coaching.

Write an 8-9 page research paper (excluding title and reference pages), addressing all of the following: Provide a brief history on the development of executive coaching. Justify the need for organizations to employ Executive Coaches. Identify and critique executive coaching models, tools, and techniques. Review the key competencies needed to be an effective Executive Coach. Examine legal or ethical issues that may impact the work of Executive Coaches.

Note: A research paper is an expanded version of an essay in which you present your interpretation or evaluation of a particular topic. While you will draw on information you know about the subject, you will also build upon your knowledge of the subject by including the voice of experts in the field.

Use a minimum of five sources in addition to required course readings.