Ethica And Legal Aspects Of Nursing Practice

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1. What is the best explanation of the difference between evidence-based practice and best practices?

Evidence- based practice is a research- based practice which has undergone a vigorous scientific evaluation in order to be proven effective. Best practices on the other hand are standardized techniques which have been accepted and have proven themselves over time. They do not undergo a similar scientific evaluation as evidence based practice (American psychological Association, 2009).

2. The two registered nurses review a variety of research studies to answer their proposed research questions. What is the difference in the efficacy of randomized controlled trials, integrative reviews, or meta-analysis with practice-based evidence for continuous process improvement?

Randomized controlled trials are studies that are used to measure how effective a new treatment is. It reduces bias and is an essential tool in determining the relationship between an intervention and a result. An integrative review is a method that summarizes a past theory in order to provide a more understanding of a healthcare problem. Meta- analysis is a procedure that uses statistics to combine the results of a number of studies so as to assess the results of intervention in studied.