Ethic Homework

Apply Kohlberg’s OR Gilligan’s theory to a person or fictional character.

Try to determine the person’s/character’s overall motivation for their actions. Then tell us what step(s)/stage(s) you believe that person/character are in and why.

Check that no one else has posted about the same character or used the same article. 


POST SUBJECT – Type the person/character you are using OR the title of your article and the date of article. 

Example – Raymond Reddington from the Blacklist

Paragraph 1 – SummaryIf using a person or fictional character:provide a brief summary of the person/characterIf using an article:Provide a brief summary of the article and the person you will be analyzing.  Obtain from a reliable sourceMust have been published within one year of this date.Include the URL or citation.

Paragraph 2 – Application

Discuss the stage(s) or step(s) your person is/was in and why.  The WHY/BECAUSE should be detailed and is the most important part!

Word Count – 250 words minimum – Include word count

Example of Kohlberg application:

Summary first and then…

I think Raymond Reddington of The Blacklist is in Kohlberg’s second stage, because  even though he gives information that saves lives he does it to benefit himself and his own wants.  He continually kills people or has them killed to benefit his needs.  He does attempt to protect Agent Elizabeth Keen but I also think his motivation is to benefit himself in some way even though it has not yet been revealed. He is almost totally self-motivated which is characteristic of a stage two person. Etc.