Employee Motivation in Health Care Industry

A major problem in many organizations, including healthcare, is how to motivate employees. High turnover rates are costly for organizations. Also, high absenteeism, low morale, low productivity, cyber loafing are just some of the problems that have been associated with unmotivated employees.

Write a brief 6-7 typed pages position paper (excluding the cover sheet and resources/bibliography/note pages) on how to motivate employees in healthcare organizations. You will need to determine which theoretical framework on motivation you feel is most beneficial in healthcare organizations. You can look at more than one theory, but will need to elaborate on how they work together to motivate employees. Then, you will need to use a minimum of five peer reviewed journal articles to support your position. Your position paper should be well organized and provides a formal approach to substantiate your position. Also, you will need to cite research sources using APA formatting.