Emergency Contraceptive

A 16-year-old report to the local family planning clinic with concern regarding pregnancy.  She relates she had unprotected intercourse 2 nights ago and believes she may be “fertile”.    She wants to learn more about the “morning after pill”.

1.  What additional information should you obtain from her?

2. What do you know about emergency contraception and the side effects?

3. What educational points should you provide to her?


1. The student identifies 3 risk factors of the “morning-after pill”  or IUD  that would affect a woman taking this form on contraception and also  discusses the effectiveness and how it should be taken.

2.  Using the 3 side effects the student discusses the nursing interventions to manage all 3 of the side effects that the student chose to discuss.

3. Minimum of 3 scholarly articles.  References are included in text AND in the reference page,  and the body of the paper is at least 500 words excluding cover page and references.