Effects of Wealth and Health

Watch the video and read the following prompt to answer the questions.

Make sure you watch the video English Researcher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUay9DV__G0

In the U.S. paying for care is the question but you are able to buy what you can afford and your doctor thinks you need. In countries with care delivered or paid for by the government these decisions are often made elsewhere. Here is a researcher discussing ‘how’ the decisions are made.

One way to look at the US system is to consider that rationing (who gets what) is determined by if and what type of insurance you have while in other systems rationing is determined by decisions on what type and when care is given.

In simpler terms in the US those who can pay can have anything they, or their doctors, think is best. In most European countries everyone, regardless of ability to pay, can have what the government decides.

Think of who benefits in the US System and who benefits in the European system. Write a 400 to 500 word paper on who benefits and who does not in each system. A hint is look back a year ago when Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, someone we assume is wealthy and lives in Europe, had heart surgery and where he chose to go.