Effects of Community Based Health Worker


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How does trust play a role in building constituency relations and strategic partnerships for community engagement and in community mobilization?


Community engagement is used all over the world to promote health. Community engagement strategies and partnerships aim to engage communities, address new policies and health issues, which include obesity, cancer, heart disease, and mental illness (Cyril, Smith, Possamai-Inesedy, & Renzaho, 2015). An effective way of collaborating and engaging community mobilization is by working together with healthcare organizations, governmental public health departments, and stakeholders in the community to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of the community (Prybil, 2020). In addition, community engagement has been known to be used as an advocated tool to be a voice to those in communities who are not able to speak up for themselves regarding issues within the community and health inequalities (Cyril et al., 2015). Collaboration and trust between community members and leaders are very beneficial as this partnership can influence public policies and allow citizens of the community to engage and have input on changes that need to made where they live. Moreover, community members need to understand that they are cared for and that they can depend on one another in difficult times, plus trust that those who are in charge will stand firm on commitments that are promised. Individuals in communities will follow rules, support local causes, and agree to change when information is shared upfront and accurately through community advocates and board members. Competency trust is built when individuals are well-informed and capable in their actions on what they do and say whether it is in regards to repairs, funding, or activities within a community (“Building trust in communities”). Trust is built when groups and communities see that board members and community leaders are not only talking a good game but are actually proving that they are getting the job done.