Each student will write a five to seven page paper addressing this relevant aspect of practice. Choose a diagnosis related to the aging process AND the impact of this diagnosis on the patient’s family. Your topic must be approved by the instructors. Consider the physical changes, emotional changes, and cognitive processes anticipated in geriatric patients with this diagnosis. Apply your findings to the impact on the patient and their family, focusing on the interpersonal dynamics, finances, and overall family effects.

Helpful Sites:

Article resource site; http://libguides.kennesaw.edu/content.php?pid=327033&sid=2678612

Graduate Library Portal; http://libguides.kennesaw.edu/graduate_nursing

Graduate Nursing Research http://libguides.kennesaw.edu/content.php?pid=448000&sid=5640293


Each paper will include the following:


Introduction: Provides overview of the topic. Describe the significance of the problem and introduce topics and areas that will be discussed in the paper.


Literature Review: Relevant synthesis of information from four research articles written in the last five years. Covers topics mentioned in the introduction. Clearly discusses the areas researched. Complete articles are to be submitted with the paper.


Application of the findings: Provide a discussion of the findings to include areas such as the physical, emotional or cognitive changes on the patient and the impact of these changes on areas such as family dynamics and finances as well as overall family effects.


Conclusion: Discuss the impact and relevance of this problem on primary care providers.

Objectivity: Writing retains professional stance, i.e. no first person writing. Writing flows well and transitions smoothly.


Writing conventions: Grammar, spelling, and subject/verb agreement.

References and Citations: Correct APA format and citations correctly referenced. Use of scholarly articles < five years old.

Upload the paper only to D2L drop box for this course by March 10, 2021

Submit the paper with a grade sheet and full articles together in an envelope on March 12, 2021.




Grading Criteria for the Family Geriatric Research Project


NURS 8800 Clinical Management of Selected Common Health Conditions in Adults


Spring 2021


Student Name______________________________Graded By_________________________


Points and explanation of the following topics:

Introduction: 20 points__________



Literature Review: 30 points__________



Application of the findings: 20 points__________



Conclusion: 15 points__________



Objectivity: 5 points________


Writing Conventions: 5 points___________


References and Citations: 5 points_____________


Total possible points: 100________________