EBP Care Sheet

Aktas, et al. 2018, on special gowns and nature-based sounds

To complete both the literature review article appraisal and the final research/EBP paper, the student must read at least how many research articles?

_______ 2.   Discussion posts (initial and replies) should be “substantive.” Which would NOT meet the criteria for substantive?

A. Current events

B. Opinion without supportive material

C. References to literature

D. Nursing theories applied to the topic

3.  Per the syllabus, what percentage of your grade is based on each activity?

_______        Weekly online activities (discussion boards, worksheets, quizzes, etc.)

_______        Ethics in research – video and response

_______        Literature search plus critical evaluation of 3 articles

_______        Research/EBP paper

_______        Mid-term exam

_______        Final exam

Research Article: Aktas, et al. 2018, on special gowns and nature-based sounds:

_______ 4.  How would you describe this article?

A. Case study

B. Research

C. Evidence-based practice

D. Editorial

_______ 5.  How many subjects were enrolled in the study?

_______ 6.  Into how many groups did the researchers divide the subjects?

_______________ 7. What were the researchers measuring to see if special gowns and/or nature-based sounds made a difference?

______________ 8. In what country was this research conducted?

EBP Care Sheet – Wandering

__________ 9. What percent of persons with dementia wander at some point?

__________ 10. What is the strength of evidence code for the reference for this statement: “Wandering is significantly associated with aggression, disinhibition, depression, and delusions(9).”

_____ & _____ 11. What are the reference numbers for the two articles with the highest strength of evidence in this report?

12. What practice is so important that it was written in red?