due in 11 hours Complete my research essay in a word processing program ( providing a minimum of 250 words )

THE IS DUE IN 11 hours!!!!!!!!!


Watch this bobo doll on youtube here ——->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfG55uY2NSU

For this assignment you will watch actual footage of a classic research study in psychology:   the Bobo doll study  conducted by Dr. Albert Bandura (1961/1963).  This video is also embedded at the bottom of this page – scroll all the way down. 

After watching the brief research clip, answer the following questions about the design of the study conducted by Dr. Bandura .

1)   What was Dr. Bandura ‘s hypothesis?

2)    What type of research study did Dr. Bandura conduct:  experimental, survey, or case study?  How do you know?

3)    How did Dr. Bandura structure his study?    Please provide a *detailed* response explaining his research design, including   the independent and dependent variables and other controls, if used.

4)  Is this study one that can determine causality?    Why or why not?  What are the broader implications of this study if causality can be concluded?   In other words, what is the take-away message from Dr. Bandura ‘s research and who should listen to this message?   (Hint:  see the supplemental reading at the bottom of this week’s folder if you’re struggling with this question!)

5)  Imagine you wanted to conduct a different type of study… How could you change this study so that you have a correlation?  How could you change this study so that is a longitudinal study that can determine causality?

Write your essay in a word processing program ( providing a minimum of 250 words ) and save the essay to your computer as a .doc or docx file (Microsoft Word format).    This is the format we will use for most essays in this course.

Click the link above called  Research Methods assignment   submission and attach your file.  View  Submitting an Assignment  if you need help with this step.   Be sure to click the Submit button or I will not receive your file.


This assignment will help you to understand and apply the research concepts you will learn about in this chapter.  It will deepen your understanding of the the scientific method in psychology, strengthen your understating of causality, and develop your critical thinking skills.


This assignment is worth 20 points toward your course grade and is due by 11:59 pm Sunday of the first week. Late assignments will lose 3 points each day late and will no longer be accepted a week after the due date.

This assignment will be graded based on the quality and accuracy of your answers in applying research design to the video.  Further, the assignment will be graded for your demonstration of critical thinking.