doctine theology 1


 5 page paper   In this section you should choose two doctrines upon which to expound. What do you believe and why. How do you argue for your theological positions? Are they ethically and morally defensible or do they simply affirm ways of being and structures that have always been for the sake of being expedient?

Your paper should include an overarching theme and structure. What is your thesis statement? Be clear. Cite all direct and indirect quotes (failure to do will result in plagiarism). Bring your best thinking, start early and revise, proof, and reformulate before submission. If the need is present consult the writing tutor.


a)       Introduction-This section will house your thesis and introduction the doctrines that you will argue. (1/2 page)

b)       Body- In this section you should argue for an understanding of the two doctrines you have chosen to expound. Why should these doctrines be understood in the way that you state them? (4 pages-approximately 2 pages per doctrine)

c)       Conclusion- In this section wrap up and tie everything together. If there is a way to tie in your analysis of the creed, this is the place to do it. Do not introduce any new material here, this is the place to slow it down and put everything in perspective. (1/2 page).

1+1/2+4+1/2=6 pages


If you use outside sources to write this paper, make sure that you create a works cited page at the end. In-text citations are appropriate. Use Turabian Style to format your citations and works cited page.