Each discussion is 150-200 words. They are all separate discussions!

 1. Describe a situation in which you might use a general achievement test to assess a client. Describe a situation in which you might use the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children to assess a client. Explain. 

2.  Evaluate any assessments in which you have participated. What are some insights you gained by using various instruments and strategies throughout this class? How might you apply this knowledge in the future when using assessments in counseling clients? 

3. Consider three jobs you know well, using the big 5 model from the course textbook of personality, explain the personality traits necessary for each job (e.g., police officer; openness-moderate, contentiousness-high, extraversion-moderate, agreeableness-low, neuroticism-Low). After examining these three jobs, can you see why you may or may not have been a good fit? 

4.  Consider some of the mentors you have had up to this point in your career development. Can you think of one that really inspired you to go in a specific direction? How did your mentor inspire you? What can you do to be a good mentor to others in the future?