Nutrition today may be confusing and with all the foods around us we have to make some important decisions. Just try to checkout at a grocery store and look at all the candy and chips. Should you just buy one or stick to a good diet. We need such willpower today. Overeating and giant portions have taken over. Ever eat at Cheesecake Factory (yes, factory) and look at the portions. You know the portions are enough for 2 – 3 Before participating in this discussion read chapter 3. Decide what is important to you. Is it the food pyramid, reading a food label, eating for nutrition, paying special attention to the fat content, calories, dietary fiber, antioxidants or supplements? Choose a nutrition topic that relates to you and a change you need to make and not just “I need to eat more fruits and vegetables” because we all need that. But, research a topic and tell the class.

Include one of your favorite food you like to eat and tell us why or why not you should be eating this particular food. Analyze the nutritional label by telling us whether is has too much fat, carbohydrates. protein, too much sugar, salt, etc. Use real numbers from the label and back up your statements.

Comment on one other classmate and their findings. Remember, even strategies such as, why breakfast is important or eating in fast-food restaurants is not recommended, etc. You may create your own topic. Write at least one paragraph.

Full credit will not be given for this discussion until you have included: information from a food label numbers from a food label (carbohydrates, proteins, fats)