Digital Clinical Experience Cough

Digital Clinical Experience Cough

Established chief complaint

Reports cough


Asked about onset of cough

Reports cough started 3 days ago


Asked about characteristics of cough

Reports cough is wet Reports clear sputum with cough


Asked about frequency and duration of cough

Reports coughing every few minutes Reports coughs last a few seconds


Asked about aggravating factors for cough

Reports cough is worse at night Denies smoking Reports being exposed to secondhand smoke through father Reports he doesn’t know what triggers the cough


Asked about exposure to germs

Reports playing with an ill classmate


Asked about hand hygiene

Reports infrequent hand washing Reports occasionally putting fingers in eyes, nose, or mouth


Asked about cough etiquette

Denies covering mouth when coughing


Asked about relieving factors for cough

Reports cough is temporarily relieved by cough medicine

Followed up on cough medicine

Reports cough medicine was purple Reports taking one spoonful of cough medicine Reports mother gave him the medicine Reports only took the medicine this morning Denies home remedies