different classifications of antibiotics

I will do the introduction. Please answer the following questions and include the conclusion at the end of the paper.


1. What key priority assessment findings are usually seen in left-sided heart failure? How do these findings differ from right-sided heart failure?


2. Identify two common medication classes used to treat left-sided heart failure. What are two nursing

considerations for each identified classification of medication?


3. How do cultural differences impact nurses in teaching diet and nutrition? What is cultural humility?


4. What are two nursing considerations in prioritizing and deciding placement location of a peripheral IV in heart failure?


5. What are common signs and symptoms of acute infection in the elderly, and what two priority nursing

interventions would you employ?


6. Identify four different classifications of antibiotics. What priority nursing considerations should you

review when a patient is on an antibiotic?


7. What impact do Advanced Directives have on the nursing care of the patient? What resources are

available to assist with completion and adherence to a patient’s end of life wishes