Differences in Implementation of EHR in The UK & US Journal

In this class you will be required to keep an online journal of current event articles relating to health information systems. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to explore what’s going on in the field of health informatics and to gain a better understanding of what you will be faced with when you complete your degree.

Each week you will research a relevant article and post the article as well as a summary of that article using the guidelines stated below.

The time frame of your research should fall between January 2010 and today. The articles you choose should discuss current issues and challenges associated with implementing health information systems as well as lessons learned and ‘good news’ stories of successful implementations. Search for articles on topics that arise in our readings each week, as this will help bring relevance to what we may cover in our discussion forums.

You will be required to post 8 current event articles with reviews (one each week). These will be posted in private journals that are only shared with me.

Please follow the following guidelines when creating your journal entries:

Your review is to be no longer than two paragraphs in length and contain the following sections written in your own words. A link to the article is to be included with your post.