Developmental Psychology: Chapter 5&6 Assignment

Imagine this situation – you are a school psychologist at a large local elementary school (ages 6-10).  As the school prepares for its annual spring “Field Day,” there are discussions about how to judge the students.  In years past, students have been given awards for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place – they are given prizes of gold, silver, and bronze ribbons. and they also receive a pizza party for their class.  This year, after several complaints from parents and staff, a suggestion was given to hand out “participation trophies” to the students who do not medal, or those that are unable to participate (either by choice or for medical reasons).  There is heavy debate on this idea.  1/2 of the school staff are against the idea of participation awards, while the other 1/2 feel that all students deserve to be recognized in some way.

As the school psychologist, you are tasked with providing guidance and direction.  Your priority is the healthy physical, social, and mental/emotional development of the students in your school.  Create a one page statement/proposal/letter to be submitted to your principal that presents your professional opinion on this topic – you must choose and defend only 1 side.  PRO or CON participation awards?  Support your decision with examples, evidence based research, and theories of developmental psychology.  Use your book.  

This writing assignment should be written as a professional document, as you would in an actual work setting; that means complete sentences, proper grammar, etc.  Attach your assignment file below.