DEP3103 Keiser Watching a Movie/completing Assignment for Social Work Clinical Assessment

“MEDIA MESSAGES – DO THEY HELP OR HINDER DEVELOPMENT?”Many theorists believe that the acquisition of emotional intelligence and moral thinking and/or behaviors are heavily influenced by media portrayals of “appropriate” behaviors. Prior to your participation in this week’s discussion, watch an episode of a TV show or movie that is aimed at children in late childhood or adolescence. You can access full episodes from the Nickelodeon network at… You can also view many shows via YouTube and social media forums, Netflix, Hulu and cable tv.

After viewing your media of choice and reading pages 495-496 in your text answer the following questions:What did you watch? What emotional or moral issues were presented? How did the characters respond? Where the responses and/or consequences realistic?Based on your reading this week what effect on emotional and moral development do you feel that today’s TV shows, movies and social media have on our tweens (late childhood) and older children (adolescence)? What guidelines would you provide to parents whose children fall in this age range on media exposure? What does research suggest?Helpful Resources: