Culture and Health

What are the differences between HIV and Hepatitis C? How can HIV and Hepatitis C be prevented? Once an infection occurs, what are some specific needs of individuals living with either illness? What are some of the ethics involved in interacting with the infected population? Finally, do a web search of the laws that govern HIV confidentiality in California, USA, and provide a summary of those laws and individuals’ rights. (300 words)


Read the following article about harm reduction, then read the scenario and answer the following questions:

Identify and list the risky behaviors in which Marian is engaging, as well as a rational for why they are risky and the potential problems that can result. Then come up with a harm reduction strategy for Marian to increase her safety and reduce the risks to her personal safety and her health.

(Scenario) Marian has a history of drinking heavily at a local bar, where she often meets men and drives them home at the end of the night to use drugs and have sex. She attributes the fact that she does not use condoms to the substance use: by the time the sex occurs, she is often so high she forgets to use the condoms she has on hand, and when she does remember, her partners often resist condom use. Given that she is high, she doesn’t insist. Every Friday night, the cycle repeats itself. Marian visits the bar, finds a new partner, and engages in unprotected sex with him.