critical analysis of research paper


Your task in this assignment is to summarise and critically evaluate the opinion that is expressed in your chosen article, drawing on literature you are exposed to in the module and that you will be gathering together yourself. To achieve strong marks you will need to demonstrate the following. First, it will be important that you clearly summarise the arguments that are presented in the chosen article, along with the substantiating evidence the author(s) draw on to support their position. Second, you need to demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate the author’s opinion(s) vis-à-vis the presented evidence and any additional evidence you may have come across. It is important to note that you do not necessarily need to disagree with the authors – it is perfectly acceptable to reinforce their position or to agree with part but not all of their arguments.

Practical Tip: Once you have selected your article, it will be useful to carry out a forward citation search to find out what subsequent authors have had to say about your chosen paper.