COVID 19 Pandemic

COVID 19 Pandemic

Case study

COVID 19 pandemic was resolved when scientist in the Philippines discovered vaccine. All the lives of humanities went back to normal including those nursing students of University. As a part of the community nursing program Student Nurse Jamilla Ayuda was assigned to Boyag Family the head of the family died because of COVID 19.Mrs. Boyag a plain house wife was in the middle of grieving, she cannot sleep well and opened her anxiety in facing life without his husband. She also told the nurse that her children are experiencing bullying at school because of the stigma of being PUI.



1.   From the situation, derive two nursing diagnosis. Discuss your answer by defining the characteristics that validates this diagnosis.

2.   On your formulated nursing diagnosis how can the student nurse will provide a holistic care for this situation?

3.   What is the major intervention pertinent to the outcomes that link well with holistic care?