Cognitive Abilities-Psychological Testing.

Please follow directions listed…… 

Write a 4-5 page test review paper on an assessment instrument designed to measure cognitive abilities, achievement, or intelligence. This test must be on different from the one that you selected for your discussion question responses. The following provides an outline of a test review.

Outline and headings for Test Review Paper – Cognitive Abilities

The use of headings is essential!!!

Title Page

General Features of the Test 

In a paragraph present the title of the test, authors, publisher, date published, age ranges and other relevant demographics for the individuals it is used for, and time required for administration of the test.

Description of Test

Discuss what the test attempts to measure, who the test is intended to be used with, basic principles and/or theories upon which the test is based, and any other special characteristics of the test.

Psychometric Properties

This is a discussion of the psychometric properties of the specific test you are reviewing. The discussion should include reliability (test-retest, internal consistency, etc.), validity(content, criterion, construct), normative data (standardization group demographic characteristics), and scores (overall test/composite scores available, averages, and their ranges).

FYI: The following is the range for coefficient scores and what they mean. Use this information when you review the reliability and validity properties for the test you are reviewing. 1.00 – .70 equals robust; .69 – .50 equals good; .49 – 0 equals low. For example the test-retest score for reliability is .75 then the test has robust test-retest reliability. Or the construct validity score is .50 then the test has good construct validity.

Discussion of Test Items

Since you will not have access to the actual test manuals themselves, this area should include a general overview of the behaviors or thoughts sampled (depression, anxiety, verbal comprehension, mathematical reasoning, etc.), how the test is administered, overview of test items (e.g., format and types), and ease and nature of scoring the test (are the items scored objectively or subjectively).


Describe any ethical, legal, or other issues related to the test administration, scoring, or usage of results. Identify and explain any demographic categories that may be correlates to the ability tested.


Briefly sum up the strengths and weaknesses of the test and provide a general evaluation of the test.

Where to find material on the test you choose to review: Begin with the course textbook as it contains information on specific tests.  Next, use Google to search for the test publisher’s website (i.e., Google Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC – IV) Publisher.) Article from peer-reviewed journal – There will be specific research studies in peer reviewed journals that researched the validity and reliability of the testing instrument your are reviewing.  You want to make use of these research articles. Avoid this common error – Do not use a research study that simply used the test as part of their study. For example do not use an article on treating ADHD that used the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC – IV). Instead find an article about how the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC – IV) was created or an article on the reliability of the WISC-IV.

5. Another error to avoid: Do not use a random test on the Internet.  You must present a published psychological test that meets industry standards in the field of psychology. Again make use of the list I provided, What Tests to Use & Where to Find Them.