“Clinical Formulation” section of final project

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Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric

Overview: For your final project, you will develop a conceptualization of an individual based on background information and the results of a few select tests. To do so, you will examine research to understand the purpose of the chosen tests, why they were utilized, and how they help inform the overall understanding of an individual’s presenting problems. Throughout the course, you will complete milestone assignments that are drafts of specific sections of the final project. Because these milestone assignments are drafts, you will notice that their critical elements and rubrics are similar to those in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document.

In Milestone One, you focused on writing an introduction and completing critical elements A through D of the Test and Assessment Development Analysis section for each test. 

In this second milestone, you will complete critical elements E through H of those sections, along with the “Clinical Formulation” section.

Prompt: You should have already chosen a vignette to focus on and research in the previous milestone. Reread the vignette thoroughly. Then, use the vignette and additional research to answer the critical elements listed below. Be sure to properly cite your resources; the final project requires you to include at least six references cited in APA format.

Guidelines and Rubric attached