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You have to watch these two videos and do the reading to answer these following question:……

Who is Charles Goring and why is her research relevant to treat series?

What are some of the types of research studies used to study trait theories! Describe each of the three keys of methodological tools in two, three sentences each!

Can we predict violent behavior? What does Monaghan say about this?

How our hormones a different explanation of crime that arousal theory explained and citing the reading?

The next step is:

Write a blog post answering the questions below

Answers will be graded on their demonstrated understanding of the material, demonstrated integration of the reading with their analysis through cited materials, and quality of writing.

Listen to the following interview and answer the questions below.

Interview with criminologist Adrian Raine: (Links to an external site.)Summarize Raine’s contributions to the field of neurocriminology (150 words).What was Raine’s research methodology? (How did he get his original data on murderers?) (200 words)What does Raine’s own brain look like? What does this leave Raine wondering? (75 words)What are Raine’s thoughts towards deterrence? (150 words)How does Raine think biological factors should affect the sentencing of criminals? (150 words)

Use the book to support your answer if needed

Reading assigned BSG 4 & 5 and ksk 3…

ksk book will arrive shortly once i received it i will upload it.

please let me know if the link works.