Cardiovascular System of the Human Body


In this discussion, you will re-examine some of the body systems that you have studied in this course.


    • List the major systems of the body, the organs they contain, and the functions of those systems.


Step 1: Respond to the following:

This week, you have reviewed body orientation and systems.

  • What has been the one body system that you have struggled with this term, and why?
  • What has made it difficult? Explain.
  • In your chosen profession, will it be critical to understand this particular body system? Why or why not?

Step 2: Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two other students. Once again, use any personal experience if appropriate to help support or debate other students’ posts. If differences of opinion occur, students should debate the issues and provide examples to support opinions.

*Be sure to cite any outside sources in APA format.