Cardiovascular Disease Prevention on Patients Case Study

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Assessment Task 3

Task description Research Proposal

Students are to construct a carefully planned research proposal on their chosen topic in consultation with the Unit Coordinator and supervisor. The research proposal must include the following sections:

  • Background (including relevant literature)
  • Study rationale (Statement of study significance – e.g. gap in the literature being addressed, or particular workplace application)
  • Aim[s] / Objective[s]
  • Research question[s]
  • Methodology/Theoretical perspective (and justification for their appropriateness)
  • Study Design and Method[s] (and justification for their appropriateness) Consider a flow diagram
  • Data collection plan
  • Data analysis plan
  • Ethical considerations
  • Implications: policy and practice
  • Translation and Dissemination
  • Project timeline
  • References
  • Appendices

The research proposal is to be presented in Report format:

Cover page (title, affiliation, name, supervisors’ names and affiliations, course code and course title, hypothetical RQ or plan to carry out research in future, date, student number), Table of Contents and use a standardised referencing format. It is expected that your research proposal will be constructed throughout the unit in collaboration with your allocated supervisor/academic mentor.

Assessment criteria See the Assignment 3 rubric
Links to unit’s intended learning outcomes 1,2,3,4,5
Task length 2500 words, weighting 35% (Tables, Figures, Appendices & Reference list are not included in word count)

NOTE: In text citations are included in the word count.