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The final requirement is the submission of the Professional Portfolio. This document should have been started in HMSV 180- Personal and Professional Development in Human Services and will be due at the end of this course. The grading scale for the portfolio is as follows:

90-100 points = A     80-85 points = B    70-75 points = C    60-65 points = D
86-89 points = B+    76-79 points = C+    66-69 points = D+    0-59 points = F

The requirements for submitting the portfolio are the following:

Portfolio Components

1. Personal vision statement.*
2. Current resume.* (Should include internship experiences.)
3. Sample job application cover letter.*
4. Two personal or character reference letters.*
5. Capstone Essay Abstract (A one page summary of your Capstone Essay).
6. Brief summary of Internships I, II, and III with Site Supervisor Evaluations.
7. Two professional reference letters.
8. Professional Network (A list of those who know your work with their contact information.)
9. Certificates, project documentation, photos or other items that demonstrate personal and professional growth.

Be sure to keep you own copy of your completed portfolio for your own use.

Items 1-4 followed by * must be submitted in HMSV 180: Personal & Professional Development. All items must be submitted in HMSV 490: Internship III: Capstone Seminar.