Building Your Case for Final Decision on a TesT DISCUSSION

Building Your Case for Final Decision on a Test

Your fourth and last course assignment, Final Analysis of a Selected Test, is due by the end of this unit. This assignment is designed to be a synthesis and evaluation of your research on the test you selected for the course project. Do not merely copy and paste your previous papers from Units 2, 5, and 7.

An important, if not a necessary skill, as a professional is to be able to take data, interpret them, synthesize multiple sources of information, and write concise but complete summaries, interpretations, and recommendations. During this unit, you will likely continue to work on drafts of this final assignment, which will need to address all of the elements in the Code for selecting a test.

For this discussion, you will share with your classmates and discuss some of the strategies you are using to create such summaries and evaluations of your data and information on your selected test. Additionally, indicate which of the elements of the Code (that is, Element 1 through 9) was the easiest to locate information on in regard to your selected test, and which of the elements of the Code was the most difficult to locate in the literature.