bony tenderness

This is the case study that was assigned:

  • Case Study 2:
  • HPI: A 12-year-old girl presents with left knee pain during and after playing soccer. She’s been a member of an elite soccer team for the last 6 years. She has 2 hour practices 3 times a week. Does not recall any injuries.
  • PMH: asthma, eczema
    MS: Anterior/posterior drawer tests negative; negative ballottement; negative edema/erythema; bony tenderness, slight swelling at the left tibial tubercle.

These are the questions that need to be answered in the post: (**The rubric is still the same one I sent last time)

  • – Include 3 differential diagnosis for the patient in the case study you selected (a summary of the diseases, their symptoms, and their treatments).
  • – Then write about the primary diagnosis you choose for the patient (summary, symptoms, treatments). **Provide medication treatment and symptomatic care for primary diagnosis.
  • – When writing about the treatment and management plan for the patient, be sure to consider appropriate dosages for any recommended pharmacologic and/or non-pharmacologic treatments.
  • – Include strategies for educating patients and families on the treatment and management of the musculoskeletal or neurologic disorder.