Beauty&Me company case study

Beauty&Me company case study

Personal Reflection Question – Total Marks – 30 (Max Word Limit – 600)


Beauty&Me is a company offering cosmetics products and is one of the most popular brands in your country. The company’s primary offerings are Hair and skin care products and caters to low and middle income segments. The company has been in the market for 80 years now and enjoys a huge and loyal customer base. The customers have been vouching for reliability and safety of the product.

The company has been logging impressive growth and enjoys 8% market share. The majority of the market is still captured by local brands (40%) in both mass and premium product categories. For the last decade, international brands have been successfully penetrating the local markets and now hold 10% of the market share and the growth rate has been surpassing the growth rate of all other players in the market. International brands have been successfully able to leverage the strong branding and product line.

The board of directors for Beauty&Me at this point is looking forward to entering new geography. You are just hired as head of marketing and are supposed to review the case of entering the new geography and prepare an entry strategy for the same.

Analyse the business environment of the new geography (Chose a geography/country of your own choice) and evaluate the decision to enter the market using PESTEL Analysis (7.5 Marks,150 words)
Prepare a marketing strategy for the new geography. Employ SWOT & 4 P’s framework for the same. You can use any other framework/analysis as per the relevance. (5 Marks, 100 words).
What model of expansion (franchising, sub-contracting, etc) to be employed and Why? (5 Marks,100 words )
What are the pros and cons of going global at this point of time.(5 Marks,100 words)
Develop a brief Marketing and Communication plan and recommendations. (7.5 Marks,150 words)