assisting the patient with insulin administration

assisting the patient with insulin administration

Question 1

Which of the following activities would be a part of the planning phase of the nursing process?

asking the patient about his past history in regard to medication use.

teaching the spouse how to use the glucometer which the patient will have at home.

prioritizing the needs of the patient and making a decision on what to teach first.

assisting the patient with insulin administration.

Question 2

What data would be considered subjective?

Apical heart rate 70 beats per minute

No heart murmurs noted

No current medications or treatments

Jugular venous pressure 2 cm

Subjective data is the data the patient can describe or explain based on how they feel or perceive something or upon their history–something you could not witness.  Objective data can be measured or assessed empirically by the nurse.

Question 3

What should the nurse do immediately before beginning the physical exam?