Assignment: Final Project: Writing the Grant Part 1: Needs Statement, Goals, and Objectives

This week, you begin work on your Final Project. The Final Project consists of three written assignments that culminate in the submission of your grant proposal to your Instructor in Module 6. Parts 1, 2, and 3 will focus on major elements required of all proposals. In the final Grant Proposal Submission, incorporating the cumulative feedback you receive from your Instructor, you will compile these elements into your grant proposal.

The three parts of the Final Project are: Part 1: Needs Statement, Goals, and Objectives (Due      Module 2) Part 2: Methodology and Evaluation Plans (Due Module 2) Part 3: Budget, Budget Narrative, and Sustainability      Plan (Due Module 3)

The final Grant Proposal Submission is due in Module 6.

For this Assignment: Review the Final Project Guidelines located in this      module’s Learning Resources. Download a copy of your selected RFP. You will use this      document to guide, focus, and support the development of all parts of your      Final Project. Keep in mind as you complete your Final Project assignments      that you are writing in accordance with the requirements of the RFP. You      must also include the use of evidence-based practice in the literature      review. Consider feedback to Discussion 1 from colleagues and      your Instructor and your continued evaluation of the literature and funder      guidelines; then finalize your needs statement, project goals, and      objectives. Keep in mind that the needs statement must prove that      it addresses funder interests as well as establish the specific problem      the proposal will address.

Keep in mind that objectives must be specific and measurable and lead directly to your goals.

In 3–4 pages, excluding APA references, address the following: Write your Needs Statement. Substantiate the need by      presenting proof of need. Keep in mind that the Needs Statement must      reflect best practices in grant writing.  Next, using bullets, list your goals, then your      objectives, and finally your evaluation criteria for each one.

*Goal #1
*Goal #2
*Goal #3

*Objective 1
*Objective 2
*Objective 3

*Evaluation Criteria #1,n
*Evaluation Criteria #2,n
*Evaluation Criteria #3,n

It is imperative that your needs statement, goals, objectives, and evaluation criteria align.

For example, Goal #1, Objective #1, and Evaluation Criteria #1 must align and collectively meet the needs statement. 

When developing your objectives, use the SMART objectives framework; list each of your project objectives. Project objectives must be specific. Project objectives must be measurable. Project objectives must be achievable. Project objectives must be realistic. Project objectives must be time-based.