assignment #6

Answer the questions in complete paragraphs:

1.Define the terms multiple disabilities and deaf-blindness as described in the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA)

2.Identify three types of educational assessments for students with severe and multiple disabilities.

3.Identify the features of effective services and supports for children with severe and multiple disabilities during a) early childhood years and b) elementary school years.

4. Distinguish between the term deaf and hard of hearing

5.Identify 4 approaches to teaching communication skills to people with a hearing loss.

6.What are the distinctive features of refractive eye problems, muscle disorders of the eye and receptive eye problems?

7.Describe two content areas that should be included in educational programs for students with vision loss.

8. Identify several disabilities that may accompany cerebral palsy.

9.What is spina bifida myelomeningocele?

10.Describe the physical limitations associated with muscular distrophy

11.Describe the AIDS disease stages through which individuals with the syndrome move

12.Identify present and future interventions for the treatment of children and youth with cystic fibrosis.