Assignment 2: RA 1: Treatment Plan Paper


In this assignment, you will apply two different theoretical orientations or treatment approaches to one case study.

Click here to read the case study. Tasks:

Select one emotion- or sensation-related theory and one thought-related theory to apply to a case study: Theories related to emotions or sensations: Person-centered therapy Existential psychotherapy Gestalt therapy Theories related to thoughts: Rational-emotive behavior therapy (REBT) Cognitive therapy (CT)

Your final deliverable will be a 5- to 7-page Microsoft Word document. Utilize a minimum of four scholarly references and address the following: Who are the primary figures who played major roles in the development or expansion of each theory? Provide information about those individuals, their philosophies of human nature, and how their theoretical approaches were developed. What are the basic assumptions of each theory or treatment approach? Include information about the following assumptions of each theory: Underlying causes or etiology of symptoms, dysfunction, or distress Type of change necessary to achieve more adaptive functioning Role of the counselor Role of the client Structure of the treatment What are the goals of each treatment approach? What techniques are associated with each treatment approach? Identify issues related to use of these theories when working with multicultural clients. Which of the two theories do you prefer? Provide at least three reasons for your preference.

Apply each theory to the case study and design one treatment plan according to each theory. Include details about the following: The targeted problem(s) for treatment Each theory’s conceptualization of the causes of those problems Behavioral definitions of the presenting problem(s) (the behaviors and symptoms that are visible to the counselor or that can be observed and measured) Each theory’s goals of treatment specific to each targeted problem area (behaviors or skills clients will gain as a result of the treatment) Each theory’s interventions (techniques that should be used by the counselor to address the client’s presenting problem or issues) Effectiveness of these approaches or interventions, based on available research  Case study attached no plag and use sources