Asian Health Services background

Asian Health Services background

This was the teacher respond to the last paper you wrote:


Your summary was thorough in describing Asian Health Services background as well as its values in offering services to their community. Which demonstrates their mission and vision. I appreciate the depth of analysis you provided on the problems faced by AHS related to lack of financial resources, changing demographics, and retaining physicians as well as identifying the key terms and concepts. The examples illustrated your ability to choose the most relevant problems. In addition, you were able to clearly express the organization’s competencies in following their core values as well as the stakeholder’s view of the organization’s ability to position itself in the market place to continue to provide healthcare services.


The impact of the problems faced were explained as well. READABILITY: You followed grammar, spelling, and sentence structure rules. MECHANICS:  There were issues with some of the citations. When you use a direct quote, the citation must also include the page or paragraph number. In addition,  the reference page must be double-spaced (even the references), and the page must have a hanging indent. This is where the first line of the reference is placed at the left margin and then the subsequent lines are indented ½ inch. You can accomplish a hanging indent either by using the ruler on the top of the Word document, or highlight the references, then go to the LAYOUT tab, then click on the symbol under PARAGRAPH to expand the choices, then look to INDENTATION, choose the dropdown arrow under SPECIAL and then choose hanging.

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RECOMMENDATIONS:  Correct the issues identified for future papers to avoid further deductions. Please review the grading rubric as it illustrates your compliance with the grading criteria. The Academic Support module in our course is available to support your academic success. Resources include written feedback, coaching, and/or tutoring, as well as self-led supports to strengthen writing skills. Access Academic Support by clicking on the Academic Support tile on the course homepage in Brightspace, or from the Course Menu, click Learning Modules, then locate the Academic Support module listed at the bottom of the Table of Contents.

In addition, please make sure to correct these issues in future assignments. I am including a link to the APA Style website that has information on APA style. And formatting of the actual paper. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am always happy to help.